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Park Rules - Pettycur Bay

Your co-operation in adhering to the undernoted is requested. These rules are dictated by our Park Operators Licence, Insurance and Legal considerations and will ensure the safety and comfort of Park users. Customers and visitors using the Park, its facilities and accommodation, are bound by the said Rules. The following terms supersede all previous documentation. Any breach in the following may result in termination of park agreement, resulting in notice to vacate the park.

1. Use of the Park. The proprietors and their agents reserve the right to refuse admission to the Park, with the exception of the Caravan Owner, to all third parties and may be requested to leave the Park without any reason being given.

2. Liability. The proprietors will not accept liability for the person or property of anyone using the Park. Whilst every effort will be made to give adequate supervision on the park, especially when the caravans are unoccupied or under Winter Storage, the Park Owner will not be liable for theft or damage unless it is caused by Pettycur Bay/ Leven Beach/ Kinghorn Harbour.

3. Relatives or Friends are allowed to use Owners Holiday Homes but they are required to register at the Park Reception on arrival and must be made aware of these Park Rules. All third parties using the caravan during the closed period are required to park there vehicles in the lower car parks, no vehicular access except for the owner listed in the Park Agreement and/or Winter Declaration.

4. Sub Letting is not permitted either in the privately owned Holiday Homes, Hire Caravans or in the Touring Area. The caravan is not for hire or reward and it is understood that the caravan is to be used as a holiday home.

5. Open Fires are not allowed in any area of the Park. Barbecues may be used subject to stringent fire safety precautions being observed and prior permission being obtained from Reception.

6. Motor Vehicles using the Park must observe the speed limit of 10 mph. Whilst most caravans have parking space for one vehicle, no parking spaces are guaranteed. Any additional vehicles should be parked in the Car Parks. Motor Cyclists are particularly requested to keep journeys through the Park to a minimum. Unlicensed and learner drivers must not drive on the Park. Cycling is prohibited. There is a 2 m.p.h. limit over all anti-speeding ramps and all normal highway rules apply.

7. Pets are allowed on the Park but not in tents or Hire Fleet. Pets must be kept under control always and in the case of dogs, on a lead at all times on the Park. All fouling within the park should be cleaned in an appropriate manner. Anyone persistently abusing this will be asked to take their pet off the Park.

8. Bankings should be treated with respect as they are mainly sandy and easily dislodged. Considerable effort has been made to encourage growth of vegetation and children especially, should be restrained from climbing and sliding on them. Steps have been set into the banks in various places and should be used to transverse levels.

9. Laundry facilities are provided in the Laundrette. Hand washing is not permitted in Toilet Block. Washing lines or rotary clothes dryers are not permitted. Drying Racks for this purpose are available for Hire or purchase at Reception.

10. Dish Washing is permitted only in special dish washing area at Toilet Block.

11. Chemical toilets & Waste Water must be emptied in the Elsan Disposal Points at the Toilet Block.

12. Games must be confined to the play area. Ball games are not permitted in areas adjacent to Caravans. Air pistols, rifles & catapults are not permitted in any area of the Site.

13. Encroachments. No building work whatsoever outside the caravan is permitted. This includes laying of slabs. Any unauthorised work will be dismantled and a charge made for reinstatement.

14. Rubbish Disposal. Rubbish must be deposited inside the bins in the Bin Bays and the lids replaced. For the disposal of large items, contact Reception. For disposal of larger items such as fridges, freezers veranda’s please contact the Local Services.

15. Repairs to Caravans. Owners are at liberty to carry out repairs to their caravans, but are advised to refer to Park Reception for advice. Repairs can be carried out by Park Staff on a repayment basis. Requests for estimates for such must be directed through Park Reception.

16. Car Repairs other than those of an emergency nature are not to be carried out in caravan/Tourer/Tent pitches or Car Parks. Any vehicle causing an obstruction may be removed with all such charges due by Vehicle Owner.

17. Audio Instruments Not be used to the annoyance of other Park users. They should not be audible to other Park users between 11.00 p.m. & 8.00 a.m.

18. Accounts are due three weeks from date of Invoice. Thereafter surcharges will applied and/or interest added at Royal Bank of Scotland Base rate plus 3%. Contact the Office immediately if there are any queries.

19. T.V. Aerials and Satellite Dishes are not permitted externally. In the event of bad reception, please ask at the Office for advice.

20. Parking or Stopping must be in the Parking spaces provided. Extra care must be taken in busy Pedestrian Areas. Please be aware of children at all times throughout the Park.

21. Verandas must be well maintained at all times, and coated only with Java Teak Butinox (available from most good hardware stores and the Park Shop). No modifications of any sort are to be made. Any infringements will be removed and the costs passed on. Mesh must be plastic coated and extended the full length and height of veranda. (This must be authorised by Pettycur Bay/ Leven Beach/ Kinghorn Harbour) Only 2 flower pots and a table and 4 chairs are permitted on the Veranda.

22. Water Pipes, Cables and Electric Boxes must not be tampered with in any circumstances. This is highly dangerous and could have serious consequences. Any offender would have to leave the Park immediately.

23. Bulk Gas and Gas Cylinders. Fire and safety regulations stipulate only two cylinders per caravan and these should be properly secured and upright at all times. Transportation of gas cylinders and other hazardous materials on the park is only permitted on production to reception of a valid insurance certificate or a letter from their insurance company confirming that their insurance covers the transportation of hazardous materials and includes third party liability. Only one cylinder at any one time is permitted in a vehicle on the Park and this must be properly secured upright with the boot closed. There must be No Smoking or Naked Lights in the car or at the compound area. All Gas bottles must be transported upright at all times. All gas appliances must be serviced regularly, for those on Gas bottles and Bulk Gas, Fire and Safety Regulations stipulate that the caravan Owner is legally bound to have the Safety Check carried out each year. This has to be done by a Corgi Registered Installer and the current sticker must be attached to the caravan. This service is available through Reception. All vents in caravans must not be blocked.

24. Water Drain Down. It is the duty and responsibility of every Owner to ensure that the water is drained down and turned off at the tap under the caravan when closing up the caravan at the end of the Season. If required our Plumbing service is available for this at a nominal charge. However, if the Owner intends to do this himself, a member of our Staff will show the Owner the correct procedure for doing so, free of charge. Owners using their caravans throughout the Winter period should drain down and turn off the Water tap if they intend to leave their Caravan unattended. Please contact the Office for free advice and instructions at this very vulnerable time.

25. Caravan Insurance. Your caravan is required to be adequately Insured against loss or damage to at least the current value of the caravan. We would however advise that the caravan should be insured on a new for old basis and that the contents are also insured. If you have difficulty obtaining cover we can quote on a new for old basis only!

26. Licence Conditions. It is a condition of the Park Operators Licence that under no circumstances can the Pitch number of a Holiday caravan on this Park be used as a customer's permanent address, nor can monetary claim be made from it e.g. D.H.S.S. and Housing Benefit, and Council Tax, applications for rented Local Authority accommodation etc.

27. Park Access. Access to the park during the main season March to October is restricted only by weather conditions and park conditions. During November - February (except 10th Jan - 10 Feb.) Access to the park is restricted to a mere check during daylight hours and reporting to office prior to and after visit to the caravan. Owners who have opted to stay during the Winter are able to use their caravan, however vehicular access to the park is restricted in the form of a road barrier, to one car per pitch. Please see Winter Stay Conditions sheet for additional requirements and conditions available at the beginning of each Winter period. The Park is completely closed to Everyone from 10th January to 10th February each year. No access whatsoever is permitted.

28. Gas Test Certification. From 1st April 1998, in line with new safety legislation, it is a condition of sale that all caravans must have their gas appliances tested and hold a valid certificate, in addition, individual owners are required to have the necessary Insurance Cover. All owners are required to have the caravan and appliance’s certificated on a yearly basis.

29. Residency. The caravan and Park Address is to be used as a holiday home only, and as such under no circumstances whatsoever can Pettycur Bay/ Kinghorn Harbour/ Leven Beach as a permanent address.

30. Postage and Mail. Private mail may be received at the park using the caravan pitch and Pettycur Bay/ Leven Beach/ Kinghorn Harbour address, and is available for pickup during office hours, however all mail marked from government agencies, local authorities etc. will be returned to the originator. Any mail of this type is required to be sent to your permanent address listed in your park agreement.

31. Remove Caravan. In the event of the Caravan Owner removing the caravan from the park at any time, the Caravan Owner will be responsible for the expenses of removing the same, and will require to take out suitable insurance against damage thereby, and these must be paid prior to work being carried out. All Accounts are required to be settled prior to the agreed leaving date. If the Caravan Owner has decided to sell the caravan please contact the office for these procedures.

32. Caravan Owners entering into an agreement with third parties entering are required to complete the transaction in the presence of Park Management at the Office. Liabilities by Caravan Owner and Third Party are to be agreed by all parties. The third party shall also be made aware of all warranties, terms, commissions, charges and fees, due to the Park along with signing of park documentation, Park Agreement etc..

33. Caravan Owners are responsible for all security matters relating to the caravan. We suggest that when the caravan is unused that all valuables are removed, or at least put out of sight. We also suggest leaving the curtains open showing no valuables in view.


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