Pettycur Bay Holiday Park Water Supply Issues

Currently the water demand for Pettycur is outstriping the supply, Its due in part with so many guest attending primarily at the weekends.

However the park is working to locate and repair leaks and pipes that we suspect have been affectet with the recent ground movement, resulting in additional leaks and equipment issues. We are working to increase capacity, but will be working in the interim to minimise disruption intil then

Those lower down will be less likely to be affected, but those in the higher areas of the park will be affected first and will be last to be resolved.

If required, Potable water should be available at the faucet outside the Workshop, if not available there then use the faucet at the Touring toilet block. All potable water is not drinking water, this must be treated prior to consumption.

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First Aid

Mail and Package Forwarding, Return and junk mail Purge.

The monthly purge of mail and parcels has been complete for items that are over a month overdue. The mail & packages will be forwarded to your home address returned to sender with the exception of junk type mail..

If you are not in reciept, please refer to originator to provide forwarding information.



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